Friday, February 5, 2010

Here it is...

This is the beginning of my blog.

I am going to see how this goes, though I will be completely honest and say I am not sure what I should say.

I could give a huge story of my life, but that's boring and pointless so I will give a brief history about myself. Then we can go from there.

I go by nicknames instead of my real name because I don't like it so I won't respond to it. You can call me Mini (because I'm 4'11). I am diagnosed with Autsitic Disorder, considered to be "Moderately-Mildly" affected, I can talk and communicate with others (I have been told I have really good verbal skills, but I have a very hard time expressing myself and communicating with most people unless I have a purpose or am talking about my special interest.. or know the topic.) I also have ADD-inattentive type (whatever it's called at least.), and have a Sensory Disorder. I do not think that Autism is a pretty pink bunny, and I do not think it's the cool thing to have. I do not believe in speaking for other Autistics, because I do not know how they are feeling and I would not know what is best for them.

What I would like is services for adults, and more funding for them and children as well (since some places do not get proper help, causing a lot of problems for families affected by Autism..) I don't have a job, (though I did have one, but make no mistake I would have a meltdown everyday and have serious self-injurious behavior like biting myself.) I have problems, and I need help that I am not getting. I am disabled, and I have no shame in saying that. I cannot understand how people say Autism is not a disability, if it weren't.. then there wouldn't be a NEED for a diagnosis or name or whatever.